Always on the top


Company Falcon Group is one of the leading distributors of consumer goods in Montenegro. Our partners in distribution are international and local companies, to whom we proved as a quality and reliable partner. We are exclusive agents and distributors of our principals, and their production programs in the field of food and chemical products. The constant increases in market share of our products are proof that we are on the right path.


In order to strengthen the Falcon Group and expand our business outside the borders of Montenegro, we have created an export-oriented company. In September 2014 Falcon Group started production of confectionery products. We put the emphasis on chocolate and cocoa spread products under the brand CreMonte.


Prerequisite for high quality and efficient distribution is a good logistic service. This already existing and developed resource, we put in the service of providing logistic services to third parties. This activity is compatible with our basic businesses distribution and also production, a new direction that we strive to expand and develop.